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About us

De Labrit was created by Yohanka Labrit and her partner to embrace the finest natural botanical ingredients from around the world. After spending years working for large beauty and fragrance companies, we desired to create our own line of perfumes that were truly natural.

At De Labrit, we design scents specifically for our clients’ brands after extensive market research with the goal of creating exceptional, brand-specific fragrances that meet your product’s needs.

Our team environment allows for a fluid and dynamic creation process. In order to ensure the customized fragrance our creative team develops best represents the client’s brand, we dedicate ourselves to forming partnerships with our clients. This allows us to provide exceptional product delivery, customer service and quality control while we meet their needs.

These facets of our company culture are just one part of what makes De Labrit the most dynamic fragrance manufacturer in the industry. All of our fragrance development and creative teams are based in the United Arab Emirates.


We have let verify our perfumes quality and the safety evaluation of several of our own developed perfume's from the laboratory:

“Institut Kurz GmbH” in Colon, Germany.

Our perfume brand “De Labrit” an independent brand selling and marketed exclusively worldwide by THOR FZE company in the UAE. We are seeking worldwide for more sales and marketing partners (wholesalers, exclusive agents, franchise partners, authorized dealers) to represent our perfumes in the different countries in the world.

Our company assures and certifies the originality of all its products. Our main purpose is to offer our consumers the best-priced service counting with a highly experienced and professional team.